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Solving strategic problems through design and innovation





Jetstar, like the rest of the airline industry, needs to figure out what things look like on the other side of this pandemic. They have the expertise to deal with operational or strategy-related problems like ‘what do we need to do to kickstart the fleet of airplanes again?’ or ‘how do we plan and manage crew rosters?’ or ‘what routes should we fly first?’. But one question lingered, ‘will customers fly again?’.


When thinking about a typical travel experience through an airport, it was clear that there was a need to reduce the physical touchpoints – which meant providing a more seamless digital experience. So what does Jetstar’s digital experience look like?

There were teething concerns in the digital space for Jetstar. So my digital solution was sort of a ‘two birds, one stone approach’. With increasing number of passengers wanting more information on their phones, a redesigned experience could address the existing pain-points and also assist with travel confidence. I further explored the problem from Jetstar’s perspective through employee interviews and some research.


A low fidelity prototype was tested with a few users which fed into the next cycle of the app's iteration. While the app provided a great refresh for customers when they start flying again, it was important to address this complex problem at higher orders of design and innovate on multiple fronts. I went back to interview some employees at Jetstar to better understand other factors that relate to customer experience.

Houston, we have a problem! It's an onion!

The layers of this problem became more apparent:

  • There was a need to communicate any new measures to customers in a digestible form
  • Reduce in-flight touchpoints
  • Address the issue of lack of in-air contactless payments as this could lead to potential loss of crucial ancillary revenue
  • Could Club Jetstar be leveraged?


A range of design solutions were created to address the problem at multiple orders of design:

  • Third – SmartBoarding (leaning towards the fourth order), Contactless bag-drops. Club Jetstar lite and plus, Re-designed app with in-app wallet
  • Second – JetSafe pack
  • First – JetSafe communication campaign

The result:

  • Higher revenue due to reduced friction in ancillary sales and tiered Club Jetstar membership
  • Increased brand value due to increased social and environmental responsibility
  • Better customer engagement and satisfaction through the provision of JetSafe pack, seamless digital experience and better value for their dollar
  • A stage implementation strategy was also created along with financial modelling


Coming soon.