Designer. Analyst. Engineer. 90% coffee.

I like to solve problems and figure things out; and create value through design.


My urge to take things apart, figure out how they fit and interact, and put them back together goes back to when I was five. Now, way older, I continue to learn everyday by doing the exact same thing.

It's through mistakes that you actually can grow. You have to get bad in order to get good.

– Paula Scher

Growing up in a society where academic performance was the only measure of success, I quickly realised my strengths — numbers and logic. While it helped me get decent grades (and become an engineer), I found myself resorting to art as a creative outlet and means to relax. I was actually pretty good at sketching. I wonder if I still am. I have taught myself all I know about visual and experience design — from Illustrator to HCD. And I am now studying Strategic Design, so I can better help connect business and design.


Interaction Designer

National Skills Commission
2020 – current

Experience Designer (Strategy Portfolio)

The University of Sydney
2020 – 2021

Analyst (Institutional Analytics & Planning)

The University of Sydney
2017 – 2021

Founder & Director

The Cullt
2017 – 2020

Systems Support Officer

The University of Sydney
2015 – 2017

Design Engineering Intern



Master of Design (Strategic Design)

The University of Sydney
2020 – current

Master of Professional Engineering (Mechanical)

The University of Sydney
2013 – 2014

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

Visvesvaraya Technological University
2008 – 2012